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电子系牛志升教授及其博士生吴艺群、龚杰、杨泽曦的题为“面向绿色高效蜂窝网络的小区聚焦技术”(Zhisheng Niu, Yiqun Wu, Jie Gong, and Zexi Yang, “Cell Zooming for Cost-Efficient Green Cellular Networks”, IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 48 , no. 11, pp. 74–79, Nov. 2010) 的联名论文荣获了第二届IEEE通信学会亚太杰出论文奖(2nd IEEE ComSoc Asia-Pacific Outstanding Paper Award)。该奖项于2012年设立,奖励过去三年内亚太地区学者发表在IEEE通信学会所属期刊和国际会议上有影响力的原创论文,本年度从众多候选论文中遴选出了三篇杰出论文。该奖项的颁奖仪式将于2013年12月在IEEE全球通信会议(Globecom)上举行。 获奖论文首次提出了一种移动蜂窝小区的覆盖范围随业务需求和网络环境自动调整的小区聚焦技术,为移动通信网络的绿色演进开辟了一条新思路。该论文发表当月即被列入IEEE Xplore数据库的”Top 100 Documents Downloaded”, …

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电子系博士生郭雪莹及其合作老师周盛、P. R. Kumar、牛志升的联名论文 ”Optimal Wake-up Mechanism for Single Base Station with Sleep Mode” 获得了第25届国际通信流量大会(25th International Teletraffic Congress, ITC25)最佳学生论文奖。国际通信流量大会创办于1955年,是专门研究通信流量建模与网络性能分析的国际会议,迄今为止已有58年的历史。 ITC25于2013年9月10-12日在中国上海举行,共计录取了39篇论文,从中遴选了1篇最佳论文和1篇最佳学生论文。此次获奖的论文针对未来超蜂窝网络提出了一种最优的基站休眠和唤醒策略,并通过休假排队模型给出了该策略的性能分析及最优化参数设计。

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"Relay Handover and Link Adaptation Design for Fixed Relays in IMT-Advanced Using a New Markov Chain Model"by Prof. Renping Liu

I will start with a brief introduction of CSIRO and our major projects in the wireless network area. Then I will discuss one of our recent papers published in IEEE Transaction on Vehicular Technology.   Fixed relay networks (FRNs) will …

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"How Should Cross-layer Design Be Done for Wireless Networks?" by Prof. Yuguang Fang

海报-Krongold Cross-layer design has been a hot topic in the last few years in wireless networking research due to the fact that the traditional layering network protocol suite such as TCP/IP for wired networks are no longer efficient in wireless …

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"Cross-Layer Survivability in a Layered Network"by Prof. KT

An IP-over-WDM optical network is an example of a layered network. In this network, the grapah representing the optical network is called the physical topology GP and the graph representing the IP layer is called the logical topology GL.  Without …

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"Emerging Opportunities with Smartphones: Crowdsourcing and Unobservable Active Authentication"by Prof.Guoliang Xue

More and more people are adapting to smartphones, which are lightweight and provide extensive communication, computation, and sensing capabilities. These features make smart phones ideal for crowdsourcing, which is a new computing paradigm for human centric computing with collective intelligence. …

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"Ecomomics of Technology Upgrade and Smartphone Collaboration in Cellular Networks" by Prof. Lingjie Duan

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"Economics Issues Related to Hybrid Access in Femtocell Networks"by Prof. Qian Zhang

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"Sub-Terahertz Wireless Communications: The Future Edge of the Internet"by Prof. Ted

This talk outlines the coming revolution of wireless communications in the 30 to 300 GHz range (the millimeter-wave spectrum), and describes recent accomplishments in circuit, antenna, and propagation research for millimeter-wave communication systems, including very recent work into millimeter-wave cellular …

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"Heterogeneous Network Design: Spectrum Allocation, Traffic Adaptation, and Energy Efficiency" by Prof. Tony Q.S. Quek


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"Spectrum Sharing in Multihop Cognitive Relay Networks" by Dr. Wei Zhang

Spectrum Sharing in Multihop Cognitive Relay Networks   Dr. Wei Zhang Senior Lecturer School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications TheUniversityofNew South Wales Sydney,Australia     Abstract: Cognitive radio is a novel and promising communications paradigm to address the spectrum insufficiency …

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"Network Coding & Network Tomography "by Prof.Sumit Roy

Network tomography seeks to infer internal link status parameters (such as delay)  through  end-to-end measurements at (external) boundary nodes. As can be expected, such approaches generically suffer from identifiability problems; i.e., inability to uniquely identify individual link status for many …

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ICCC Volunteers 2012

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牛志升, 周盛, 周世东, 钟晓峰, 王京, 能效与资源优化的超蜂窝移动通信系统新架构及其技术挑战, 中国科学: 信息科学2012 年第42 卷第10 期: 1191–1203

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周盛, 龚杰, 王晓磊, 牛志升, 动态能量获取下无线通信的能量管理与资源优化, 中国科学: 信息科学 2012年第42卷第10期: 1217–1230

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Jimmy Szeto

From: Univ. of Southern California Visit Period: Jun.2012 - Jul.2012    

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清华大学电子工程系牛志升教授课题组主要从事无线资源管理与绿色通信领域的研究,现因国家973计划项目“能效与资源优化的超蜂窝移动通信系统基础研究”(首席科学家:牛志升,2012-2016)需要招聘博士后研究人员1-2名及项目合同制研究人员1-2名,有意者请与许萍老师(, 010-62773634)联系,并提供简历一份。

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