"Relay Handover and Link Adaptation Design for Fixed Relays in IMT-Advanced Using a New Markov Chain Model"by Prof. Renping Liu

I will start with a brief introduction of CSIRO and our major projects in the wireless network area. Then I will discuss one of our recent papers published in IEEE Transaction on Vehicular Technology.


Fixed relay networks (FRNs) will be an integrated component of future IMT-Advanced. We propose a new approach to relay handover and link adaptation. Our approach is built on a new Markov chain model (MCM) that comprehensively characterizes different relay protocols and quantifies their quality-of-service (QoS) measures, such as packet drop rate and latency, and spectral efficiency. Our relay handover and link adaptation scheme combats channel fluctuations while satisfying QoS requirements. It also accommodates multiple relay stations, supports multiplexing as well as diversity, and copes with mutually-related and time-dependent transmissions. Analytical results, validated by simulations, show that our scheme is able to reduce packet loss by up to 3 orders of magnitude. It also decreases packet delay by up to 18% and improves throughput by up to 10%.


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