Connected & Moving Intelligence for Smart & Green 6G

Smart Society in 2030

  • Everything connected to share information & intelligence
  • Moving vehicles provide seamless connectivity & edge intelligence
  • Greening 5G/6G for carbon-neutral & sustainable development

Timely Status Update in Remote Control Systems

  • Remotely controlled systems demand fresh status information
  • Information delay = sensing + communication + computing delays
  • From Age-of-Information (AoI) to Urgency-of-Information (UoI)

Send More Information with Less Energy (SMILE)

  • Reduce energy waste by adapting to real-traffic dynamics (REWARD)
  • Smart interaction between energy flows & information flows
  • AI in right time, at right places, and for right purpose

Mobility-Enhanced Edge inTelligence (MEET)

  • Exploiting mobility for opportunistic communications and computing
  • Task offloading for energy saving and timeliness guarantee
  • Distributed edge learning and cooperative inference with timeliness constraint