Maximum-Total-Eigenmode-Gain Based Transmit Antenna Selection in Cellular MIMO Downlink

Proc. IEEE PIMRC2003, Sept 2003, Beijing
Published Date:2003-09-07
In this paper, we propose the capacity-near-optimal and computation-effective Maximum Total Eigenmode Gains (MTEG) principle for the transmit antenna selection in the MIMO downlink of a cellular communication system. An Equivalent Channel Matrix (ECM) is proposed to characterize the quasi-static MIMO channel with Rayleigh fading, the co-channel interference, and the Additive White Gaussian Noise. In accordance with MTEG principle, we prove the transmit antennas should be selected according to the descending order of the norms of their corresponding column vectors in ECM. By numerical examples, the capacity efficiency of the proposed scheme is verified.

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