Analysis of Wireless Transmission Efficiency and Its Application: Efficiency-Based Adaptive Coding

Proc. IEEE 14th Int. Symposium Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Commun. (PIMRC'2003), Sept. 2003, Beijing, China.
Published Date:2003-09-07
Transmission efficiency, defined as the the ratio of successfully transmitted information bits to
overall bits transmitted, can be used for evaluating the transmission performance of wireless
links. As a function of received signal to noise ratio (SNR), transmission efficiency is determined
by physical layer technologies, such as channel coding, interleaving, modulation and other
error-recovery techniques of wireless links. In this paper we first analyze the form of
transmission efficiency function in wireless links, then based on that we propose an adaptive
coding scheme that maximizes the transmission efficiency according to wireless channel conditions
(received SNR). Simulation results show that with the proposed adaptive coding, transmission
efficiency of wireless links can be significantly enhanced.
Transmission efficiency, adaptive coding.

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