Transmission Control for Wireless Networks with Inaccurate Channel Conditions: A Game-Theoretical Approach

Proc. IEEE Vehicular Tech. Conf. 2003 Spring (VTC'2003S), April 22-24, 2003, Jeju, Korea
Published Date:2003-04-22
In this paper, we propose a game-theoretical approach to the distributed radio resource control in
wireless networks. Inaccurate channel conditions are considered by formulating the problem as a
\emph{noncooperative games of incomplete information}, where users are referred to as players. The
operating point is the Bayesian Nash equilibrium of the game. We also study the existence and
uniqueness of the equilibrium. However, the Bayesian Nash equilibrium is not Pareto efficient. Then
we introduce an weight-adjusting index to player's cost to adjust the equilibrium, which brings
Pareto improvements. Numerical results show that the performance gain is significant.
Radio resource control, game theory, incomplete information, equilibrium.

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