A Channel-Adaptive and Throughput-Efficient Scheduling Scheme in Power-Constrained Voice/Data CDMA Networks Based on Ranking of Received Power Capabilities

Proc. IEEE VTC 2003 Spring, April 22-24, 2003, Jeju, Korea
Published Date:2003-04-22
In this paper, we study the throughput optimization of data traffic for a power-constrained voice/data CDMA system by the scheduling of data users. It is found that under a given received power budget and the constraints of transmission powers, the throughput of data traffic is maximized by selecting simultaneous data users and allocating powers according to the descending order of their received power capabilities, which is defined as the product between the transmission power limit and the channel gain. Based on this principle, a novel dynamic and channel-adaptive scheduling scheme is proposed to enhance the throughput performance of data traffic why maintaining certain fairness among different users. The validity of the proposed scheme and its robustness to channel estimation error is verified by comparing with the conventional fair-sharing scheme and round-robin scheme via computer simulation.

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