A Delayed Multiple Copy Retransmission Scheme for Data Communication in Wireless Networks

Proc. ICON'2001
Published Date:2001-09-01
In this paper, we propose a delayed multiple copy retransmission (DMCR) scheme for data communication in wireless networks, by which multiple copies of a lost link layer frame are retransmitted at link layer one-by-one with a delay in between. The number of the copies gradually increases as the number of retransmissions increases. For implementing DMCR scheme in a typical mobile communication system, an
interleaving scheme is also proposed. Moreover, a simplied method called polling is suggested when retransmission times are very limited. We compare our scheme with the previous non-delayed retransmission scheme on the performance of both channel capacity and total transmission time. Numerical results show that the DMCR can achieve higher performance. The effect of the delay time on end-to-end TCP throughput is investigated as well.
Mobile Communication, Fading channels, Internet, ARQ

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