A Demonstration of Broadband Integrated Information Systems based on the High Altitude Platform System in China

Proc. The Fourth International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications, pp. 501-506, 09-12th September 2001, Aalborg, Denmark.
Published Date:2001-09-09
In order to show the feasibility and investigate the key issues of the HAPS, we have developed a demonstration system based on a 15m X 4.3m remote-controlled airship. By installing a remotecontrolled video camera, a wireless HUB, and a transmitter of digital TV in this airship, we demonstrate a broadband integrated information system which includes (1) remote sensing of the ground, (2) broadband wireless Internet access, (3) mobile multimedia communication with QoS control, and (4) HDTV broadcasting. Throughout the demonstration, we mainly investigated the effect of the mobility of the airship on the performance of the various wireless services.
HAPS, mobile multimedia, broadcast, remote sensing

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