MIMO Broadcast Transmission with Outdated Channel State Information

Proc. of APCC 2006
Published Date:2006-08-30
The performance of multiuser MIMO downlink systems with block diagonalization (BD) relies on the channel state information (CSI) at the transmitter to a great extent. For time division duplex TDD systems, the transmitter estimates the CSI while receiving data at current time slot and then uses the CSI to transmit at the next time slot. When the wireless channel is time-varying, the CSI for transmission is imperfect due to the time delay between the estimation of the channel and the transmission of the data and severely degrades the system performance. In this paper, we propose a linear method to suppress the interferences among users and data streams caused by imperfect CSI at transmitter. The transmitterfirst sends pilot signals through a linear spatial precoding matrix so as to make possible that the receiver can estimate the interference, and then the receiver exploits a linear prefilter to suppress the interference. The numerical results show that theproposed schemes achieve obvious performance enhancement in comparison to the scheme assuming perfect CSI at the transmitter.

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