A New Paradigm for Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting based on Integrated Communication and Broadcast Networks

IEEE Comm. Maganize, Vol. 46, Issue 7, July, 2008
Published Date:2008-07-01

This paper provides a new paradigm to integrate the Chinese Digital Television/Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting (DTMB) systems with the existing mobile communication systems, which can support mobile multimedia broadcasting services with carrier-grade quality. By dividing the services into 4 categories: digital TV, video on demand, data on demand and Internet access, a complete design of the layered structure and the signaling protocols are presented. Specifically, a SubNetwork Data Unit (SNDU) layer and a modified hybrid ARQ (Automatic Repeat-reQuest) signaling protocol have been proposed. A testbed in Tsinghua University based on DTMB and WLAN/CDMA1x has been successfully implemented and the experimental results clearly show the effectiveness of the proposed signaling protocols.

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