A Unified Sampling and Scheduling Approach for Status Update in Multiaccess Wireless Networks


SOURCE IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE INFOCOM), Paris, FRANCE, APR 29-MAY 02, 2019

Published Date:APR 29-MAY 02, 2019


Information source sampling and update scheduling have been treated separately in the context of real-time status update for age of information optimization. In this paper, a unified sampling and scheduling (S2) approach is proposed, focusing on decentralized updates in multiaccess wireless networks. To gain some insights, we first analyze an example consisting of two-state Markov sources, showing that when both optimized, the unified approach outperforms the separate approach significantly in terms of status tracking error by capturing the key status variation. We then generalize to source nodes with random-walk state transitions whose scaling limit is Wiener processes, the closed-form Whittle’s index with arbitrary status tracking error functions is obtained and indexability established. Furthermore, a mean-field approach is applied to solve for the decentralized status update design explicitly. In addition to simulation results which validate the optimality of the proposed S2 scheme and its advantage over the separate approach, a use case of dynamic channel state information (CSI) update is investigated,  with CSI generated by a ray-tracing electromagnetic software.

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