Only Those Requested Count: Proactive Scheduling Policies for Minimizing Effective Age-of-Information


SOURCE IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE INFOCOM), Paris, FRANCE, APR 29-MAY 02, 2019

Published Date:APR 29-MAY 02, 2019


Motivated by the increasingly urgent demands for delivering fresh information, the age-of-information (AoI) has recently been introduced as an important metric for evaluating the timeliness performance of information update systems and has shed light on a number of research studies. Nevertheless, the most common goal of the existing works does not characterize the value of information freshness from the users’ perspective. In this paper, we introduce the concept of effective AoI (EAoI) to quantify the freshness of the information users utilize for decision-making. We consider a general request-response model, which captures both proactive information update and timely information  delivery, for investigating the scheduling problem with respect to EAoI minimization. By decomposing the scheduling problem into multiple computationally tractable subproblems, we propose request-aware scheduling policies for static and dynamic request models, respectively. The numerical results show that serving users requests proactively can reduce time-average EAoI in both scenarios.

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