A Real Inter-Continental Mobile IPv6 Demonstration between China and Japan for Mobility Enhancement

Proc. 14th IEEE Int. Symposium Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Commun. (PIMRC'2003), Vol. 3, pp. 2838-2841, Sep. 2003.
Published Date:2003-09-07
Mobile IPv6 is considered to be one of the key technologies for realizing mobile Internet which enables seamless communication between fixed line and wireless access networks. In this paper, we introduce the basic concept of Mobile IPv6 and describe the detail procedure of handoff of mobile terminal. We analyze its effectiveness of Mobile IPv6 handoff by using Network Simulator 2 and constructed Mobile IPv6 testbed based on Wireless LAN IEEE802.11b. Finally, we connect two Mobile IPv6 testbeds and test video transmission each other. This is the first test that three nodes of the Mobile IPv6 located separately in China and Japan.

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