Integration of SNR, Load and Time in Handoff Initiation for Wireless LAN

Proc. 14th IEEE Int. Symposium Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Commun. (PIMRC'2003), Volume 3, pp.2032-2036
Published Date:2003-09-07
The performance of handoff initiation algorithm is one of the key issues for providing roaming capability in wireless LAN (WLAN). In this paper, we propose a new handoff initiation algorithm for data transmitting in WLAN. Our proposal combines association time, system load and signal/noise ratio (SNR) together to decide whether mobile node should handoff or not. The goal is to reduce the number of unnecessary handoff, decrease packet loss and balance the system load. In this way, we can provide Quality of Service (QoS) guarantee. Simulation results show that the proposed handoff initiation algorithm is efficient in WLAN.
Wireless LAN, handoff, QoS

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