Performance Analysis of Type-II Hybrid ARQ Scheme in Time-Varying Fading Channels

Proc. Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications, Sept. 2002, Indonesia.
Published Date:2002-09-17
In this paper we present a simplified analytical method for performance evaluation of the type-II hybrid ARQ scheme with code combining in time-varying fading channels. In physical layer, a two-state Markov model is used for the fading channel. Based on this model, performance of the type-II hybrid ARQ protocol is upper and lower bounded by considering a superior scheme and an inferior scheme respectively for analysis simplicity. By defining suitable events to be assessed and the concept of matrix functions, the proposed matrix approach leads to closed formulae for throughput and delay performance of the bounding schemes. The numerical results show that the superior scheme and the inferior scheme can approximate the performance of the type-II hybrid ARQ with a proper bounding capability.
hybrid ARQ, performance analysis, fading channel

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