Adaptively Delay Retransmission Scheme for SR ARQ in Wireless Data Networks

Proc. Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications, Sept. 2002, Indonesia.
Published Date:2002-09-17
A novel adaptively delayed retransmission scheme for SR ARQ in fading channel is proposed for wireless data communications, by which the link layer protocol and the physical channel are considered together for a successful deployment of effective error control strategies. Specifically, at link layer, when an information frame is corrupted, it is not retransmitted immediately but delayed for a dynamic interval to avoid deep fading period of wireless channel. To determine the dynamic delay value, an adaptive fading channel prediction algorithm is also proposed. Numerical results show that it achieves higher performance compared with the previous retransmission schemes in Rayleigh fading channels.
SR ARQ, wireless data networks, Rayleigh fading channel

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