A Capacity-Optimal QoS Provisioning Scheme for Multimedia Traffic in CDMA Networks

Proc. IEEE ICC2002, vol.5, pp.3086-3090, May 2002
Published Date:2002-05-01
We study the transmission rate (R) and bit-energy-to-interference ratio (Eb/I0) needed to maintain the desired QoS requirement for a given traffic while maximizing the user capacity in multimedia CDMA networks. Closed form functions among transmission rate, bit error rate (or equivalently Eb/I0), QoS requirements, and traffic characteristics are derived. Based on the dependence between R and Eb/I0, we propose a capacity-optimal determination of (R, Eb/I0) for a given traffic and QoS requirement. By numerical example we show that higher user capacity is achieved by our scheme than those which ignore the dependence between R and Eb/I0.

QoS provisioning, CDMA, capacity optimization

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