A New Timeout Recovery Scheme of TCP in Lossy Networks

Proc. International Symposium on Traffic and Network (ISTN) 2000, Hangzhou, China
Published Date:2000-11-01
In this paper, we propose a new timeout recovery scheme for lossy networks where packet loss occurs because of unreliable data link layer or lossy physical transport layer and the frequency of timeout increases greatly. Early research has shown that increasing the initial window size of TCP can improve the TCP performance in lossy networks with a long RTT (Round Trip Time) value, such as a network with a satellite link. However, our simulation shows that the old timeout recovery scheme has low efficiency when the initial window size is larger than one. Through simulation, We compare our new timeout recovery scheme and old TCP on both efficiency and throughput, and conclude that our new scheme performs better.
TCP/IP, wireless networks, transport protocol, Internet, satellite networks.

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