Transmit Diversity in Multiuser Data Networks under Correlated Fading Channels

The 11th Asia-Pacific Confernce on Comunications (APCC'05), Perth, Western Australia
Published Date:2005-10-03
We consider the use of multiple antennas at the transmitter in a multiuser data network under correlated fading channels. Previous work shows that correlated fading reduces the link performance of multiple antenna systems. But how correlated fading affects the throughput of multiuser data networks is still unknown, since the throughput depends on not only the link performance but also the multiuser diversity. In this paper, we study the impact of correlated fading on the array gain and diversity gain of multiple antenna systems achieved by different transmit diversity schemes to examine the network throughput under correlated fading channels. Analysis and simulation results show that, although correlated fading is harmful for link performance, it increases the throughput of the multiuser data network when an efficient transmit scheme is used.
Correlated Fading, Transmit Diversity, Multiuser

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