A Fast Channel Allocation Algorithm for Wireless Data Broadcast in Digital TV Terrestrial Broadcast System

IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, Sep. 2005
Published Date:2005-09-28
Many researches have proven that the combination of broadcast channels and on-demand channels can optimize the performance of data delivery properly. In this paper, we study the channel allocation technique for wireless data broadcast in digital TV terrestrial broadcast (DTTB) system, which integrates broadcast channels and on-demand channels for data delivery. In order not to influence the delivery of MPEG-2 stream in DTTB system, the stuffing of MPEG-2 stream is employed to transport data packets. A M/G/1 model is employed to describe the transmission in on-demand channels. We further propose a Fast Algorithm to obtain an outstanding channel allocation scheme. The numerical and simulation results show that the proposed algorithm is very close to the optimal one and outperforms the traditional Pure Push scheme, but the complexity of proposed algorithm is much lower than existed algorithms.

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