Multichannel Resource Management of Integrated Communication and Broadcast Networks

the 19th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC19), Beijing, China, Aug., 2005
Published Date:2005-08-29
Broadcast network is potential for carrying services with both high data rate and high mobility. Combined with other media as a return channel for user requests and acknowledgement signaling, broadcast network can supply interactive data services. This paper proposes a multichannel architecture of integrated telecommunication and broadcast network which can provide huge access bandwidth for multimedia information delivery while in fast moving. And it can be a highly recommendable candidate of future 4G/5G communications. In order to fully employ all channels, the Profit Oriented Bandwidth Allocation Method(POBAM) is given for real-time multichannel bandwidth management. Simulation results powerfully show that POBAM can effectively exploit the multichannel resources for near global profit maximization, and can effectively provide QoS differentiation. Besides, the joint channel management outperforms the separate channel management greatly. The complexity of POBAM is low enough for real time multichannel bandwidth management even when there are dozens of joint channels and hundreds of active users.
DVB-T, multichannel, integrated network, resource management, profit

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