Adaptive receive antenna selection for space-time block coding under channel estimation errors

Proc. 14th IEEE Int. Symposium Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Commun. (PIMRC'2004) Barcelona, Vol. 1, Sep. 2004.
Published Date:2004-09-07
Space-Time Block Coding (STBC) can achieve full diversity gain of MIMO systems with low decoding complexity.
The receiver needs channel state information to detect the transmitted signals. Under fast-fading channel, Channel estimation errors are inevitable and greatly degrade the performance of Space-Time Block Coding. In this paper, we propose an adaptive receive antenna selection scheme, which adjusts the number of receive antennas according to the channel state. Then we give an analytical result on performance of the STBC with Mt transmit antennas and Mr receive antennas with or without the proposed scheme. From the performance evaluation and numerical example, the proposed scheme have better performance than the scheme using all the receive antennas under channel estimation errors.
STBC, Channel estimation error, Receive antanna selection

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