A multi-dimensional radio resource scheduling scheme for MIMO-OFDM systems with channel dependent parallel weighted fair queueing (CDPWFQ)

Proc. of IEEE Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC2004), BARCELONA, SPAIN.
Published Date:2004-09-03
In this paper, we develop a Channel Dependent Parallel Weighted Fair Queueing (CDPWFQ) scheduling algorithm to maximize the system throughput while guarantee minimum data rate requirements for multimedia users in multiuser MIMOOFDM systems downlink transmission with limited channel state information feedback. We apply the mathematical equivalence between antennas and subcarriers in the analysis, getting multiple parallel transmit subchannels, and then evaluate the channel state from the viewpoint of receivers. Joint space-frequency diversity as well as multiuser diversity is exploited simultaneously by the subchannel allocation algorithm. A fast algorithm for more practical implementation is also proposed. By numerical examples, system throughput and fairness superiority of the CDPWFQ scheme are verified.

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