A Cross-layer Proportional Fair Scheduling Algorithm with Packet Length Constraint in Multiuser OFDM Networks

Proc. of GLOBECOM 2007
Published Date:2007-11-26
In this paper, we investigate the proportional fair scheduling (PFS) problem for multiuser OFDM systems, considering the impact of packet length. Packet length influences scheduling schemes in a way that each scheduled packet should be ensured to be completely transmitted within scheduled frames. We formulate the PFS problem into an optimization problem. Based on the observations on the structure of optimal solutions, we propose a heuristic scheduling algorithm. The scheme firstly allocates subcarriers among users without considering the packet length constraint. Then subcarrier readjustment is done in a way that surplus subcarriers from length-satisfied users are released and allocated among length-unsatisfied users. The objective is to provide proportional fairness among users while guaranteeing complete transmission of each scheduled packet. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme has quite close performance to the optimal scheme in terms of Multi-carrier Proportional Fairness Measure (MCPFM) and average throughput.

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