QoS-aware Adaptive Physical Carrier Sensing for Wireless Networks

Proc. of WCNC 2007
Published Date:2007-03-11
Traditional Physical Carrier Sensing (PCS) threshold setting, which aims at eliminating hidden terminals completely in wireless networks, brings too many exposed terminals and degrades the throughput per user seriously. Some existing work has proven that an aggressive PCS threshold can improve the throughput by balancing the tradeoff between the existence of hidden terminals and exposed terminals. However, the aggressive PCS results in high packet loss, which degrades the Quality-of-Service (QoS) seriously. To address this issue, in this paper we develop a QoS aware aggressive PCS threshold tuning algorithm, in which the PCS threshold is tuned dynamically according to the varying network conditions. One important feature of the proposed algorithm is that it can bound the packet loss in the region defined by QoS requirement. Extensive simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can bound the packet loss in the QoS requirement and at the same time obtain remarkable throughput gain compared to the traditional PCS threshold setting solutions.

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