Optimizing Radio Resource Allocation in Multimedia DS-CDMA Systems Based on Utility Functions

IEICE Transaction on Communications, Vol. E87-B, No. 8
Published Date:2004-08-01
This paper addresses the utility-based radio resource allocation problem in DS-CDMA systems carrying multimedia traffic. The proposed scheme, aiming at achieving optimal resource allocation, considers the joint power and data rate allocation. To avoid high computational complexity of nonlinear optimization, we reformulate the radio resource allocation problem as a market model, where resource is regarded as a commodity. Since the market model satisfies the incentive-compatible constraint, the optimal resource allocation can be obtained at the market equilibrium in a distributed manner. According to whether to allocate a minimal transmission data rate to each user, two algorithms, UCA and FCA, are proposed. UCA emphasize on maximizing system overall utilities, while FCA guarantees fairness to users. Simulation results show that the proposed radio resource allocation scheme and algorithms are flexible and efficient for multimedia DS-CDMA systems.
Radio resource allocation, DS-CDMA, utility, optimization, market, equilibrium

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