On the Coverage and Capacity of Ultra-Dense Networks With Directional Transmissions


SOURCE  IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, Vol: 9 No: 3 pp: 271 - 275

Published Date: Mar. 2020


We investigate the performance of a downlink ultra-dense network (UDN) with directional transmissions via stochastic geometry. Considering the dual-slope path loss model and sectored beamforming pattern, we derive the expressions and asymptotic characteristics of the coverage probability and constrained area spectrum efficiency (ASE). Several special scenarios, namely the physically feasible path loss model and adjustable beam pattern, are also analyzed. Although signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio collapsing still exists when the path loss exponent in the near-field is no larger than 2, using strategies like beam pattern adaption, can avoid the decrease of the coverage probability and constrained ASE even when the base station density approaches infinity.

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