A Block Coordinated Update Method for Beam-Based Massive MIMO Downlink Scheduling Based on Statistical CSI


SOURCE  IEEE Globecom’17, Singapore, Dec. 4-8, 2017

Published Date:2017-12


In this paper, we investigate the energy efficient
computation offloading scheme in a multi-user fog computing
system. We consider the users need to make the decision on
whether to offload the tasks to the fog node nearby, based on
the energy consumption and delay constraint. In particular, we
utilize queuing theory to bring a thorough study on the energy
consumption and execution delay of the offloading process.
Two queuing models are applied respectively to model the
execution processes at the mobile device (MD) and fog node.
Based on the theoretical analysis, an energy efficient optimization
problem is formulated with the objective to minimize the energy
consumption subjects to execution delay constraints. In order to
address the formulated problem, an alternating direction method
of multipliers (ADMM)-based distributed algorithm is proposed.
Extensive simulation studies are conducted to demonstrate the ef-
fectiveness of the proposed scheme and the superior performance
over the other existed schemes can be observed.

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