Deep Learning Based Optimization in Wireless Network



SOURCE IEEE ICC 2017, Paris, May 2017

Published Date:2018-05


Abstract—With the development of wireless networks, the scale of network optimization problems is growing correspondingly. While algorithms have been designed to reduce complexity in solving these problems under given size, the approach of directly reducing the size of problem has not received much attention. This motivates us to investigate an innovative approach to reduce problem scale while maintaining the optimality of solution. Through analysis on the optimization solutions, we discover that part of the elements may not be involved in the solution, such as unscheduled links in the flow constrained optimization problem. The observation indicates that it is possible to reduce problem scale without affecting the solution by excluding the unused links from problem formulation. In order to identify the link usage before solving the problem, we exploit deep learning to find the latent relationship between flow information and link usage in optimal solution. Based on this, we further predict whether a link will be scheduled through link evaluation and eliminate unused link from formulation to reduce problem size. Numerical results demonstrate that the proposed method can reduce computation cost by at least 50% without affecting optimality, thus greatly improve the efficiency of solving large scale network optimization problems.

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