Elastic Local Breakout Strategy and Implementation for Delay-Sensitive Packets with Local Significance



SOURCE WCSP 2017, accepted

Published Date:2018-11


Explosion of mobile traffic will bring a heavy burden to the core network, and rapid growth of mobile devices, as well as increasing demand for delay-sensitive services poses severe challenges to future wireless communication systems. In this regard, local breakout is a promising solution to save core network load and, more importantly, to reduce end-to-end (e2e) delay of packets with local significance. However, the capacity of local breakout link is limited, resulting in excessive delay when the traffic load through the local link is high. Therefore, the decision on whether the traffic flows should be transmitted through core network or by local breakout link has great practical significance. In this paper, we propose and implement a novel local breakout framework to deliver low e2e delay packets with local significance. A real-time local breakout rule based on the solution to a Markov decision process is given, showing that some packets with local significance should pass through core network rather than being delivered by local breakout link to meet the delay requirements. To test our proposed framework, a longterm- evolution (LTE) based test-bed with virtual base stations is implemented, by which we show the proposed framework is feasible and the e2e delay is significantly reduced.

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