On the fronthaul statistical multiplexing gain


SOURCE IEEE Communications Letters, vol.21, no.5, pp.1099-1102, May 2017

Published Date:2017


Breaking the fronthaul capacity limitations is vital
to make cloud radio access network scalable and practical. One
promising way is aggregating several remote radio units (RRUs)
as a cluster to share a fronthaul link, so as to enjoy the statistical
multiplexing gain brought by the spatial randomness of the
traffic. In this letter, a tractable model is proposed to analyze the
fronthaul statistical multiplexing gain. We first derive the user
blocking probability caused by the limited fronthaul capacity,
including its upper and lower bounds. We then obtain the
limits of fronthaul statistical multiplexing gain when the cluster
size approaches infinity. Analytical results reveal that the user
blocking probability decreases exponentially with the average
fronthaul capacity per RRU, and the exponent is proportional
to the cluster size. Numerical results further show considerable
fronthaul statistical multiplexing gain even at a small to medium
cluster size.

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