Robust energy scheduling in vehicle-to-grid networks




IEEE Network, vol.31, no.2, pp.30-37, Mar.-Apr. 2017

Published Date: 2017


The uncertainties brought by intermittent
renewable generation and uncoordinated
charging behaviors of EVs pose great challenges
to the reliable operation of power systems, which
motivates us to explore the integration of robust
optimization with energy scheduling in V2G networks.
In this article, we first introduce V2G robust
energy scheduling problems and review the stateof-
the art contributions from the perspectives of
renewable energy integration, ancillary service
provision, and proactive demand-side participation
in the electricity market. Second, for each
category of V2G applications, the corresponding
problem formulations, robust solution concepts,
and design approaches are described in detail
based on the characteristics of problem structures
and uncertainty sets. Then, an adjustable
robust energy scheduling solution is proposed to
address the over-conservatism problem by exploring
chance-constrained methods. Results demonstrate
that the proposed algorithm not only can
efficiently shift the peak load and reduce the total
operation cost, but also provide great flexibility in
adjusting the trade-off between economic performance
and reliable operation. Finally, we present
key research challenges and opportunities.

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