Joint Resource Provisioning for Internet Datacenters with Diverse and Dynamic Traffic


SOURCE Xu Dan 2017 2017

Published Date:2017


Demand proportional resource provisioning schemes have been proposed to achieve datacenter energy efficiency, where servers are turned on/off according to the load of requests. Most existing schemes focus on delay sensitive jobs (SENs) only. However, in datacenters, there exist a vast amount of delay-tolerant jobs (TOLs), such as background/maintenance jobs. Thus, we study joint SEN and TOL resource provisioning in this paper, with a focus on TOLs. We consider traffic dynamics of SENs and TOLs in different time scales, and electricity price temporal dynamics and location diversity. Our goal is to minimize total costs, while guaranteeing QoS for SENs and achieving a desirable delay performance for TOLs. Specifically, we propose a joint server provisioning, SEN load dispatching, TOL load shifting, and SEN/TOL capacity allocation scheme, which leverages TOL queue information and does not assume any system statistical information. We also design other benchmark schemes that leverage different systeminformation. Both analytical results and extensive simulation results show the efficiency of the proposed scheme, named OrgQ, in reducing total costs and TOL queue delay.

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