Energy Efficient Resource Allocation for Wireless Power Transfer Enabled Collaborative Mobile Clouds


SOURCE  IEEE IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, vol. 34, no. 12, Dec. 2016.

Published Date:2016


In order to fully enjoy high rate broadband multimedia services, prolonging the battery lifetime of user equipment is critical for mobile users, especially for smartphone users. In this work, the problem of distributing cellular data via a wireless power transfer enabled collaborative mobile cloud (WeCMC) in an energy efficient manner is investigated. WeCMC is formed by a group of users who have both functionalities of information decoding and energy harvesting, and are interested for cooperating in downloading content from the operators. Through Device-to-Device communications, the users inside WeCMC are able to cooperate during the downloading procedure and offload data from the base station to other WeCMC members. When considering MIMO wireless channel and wireless power transfer, an efficient algorithm is presented to optimally schedule the data offloading and radio resources in order to maximize energy efficiency as well as fairness among mobile users. Specifically, the proposed framework takes energy minimization and Quality of Service (QoS) requirement into consideration. Performance evaluations demonstrate that a significant energy saving gain can be achieved by the proposed schemes.

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