An Index Based Task Assignment Policy for Achieving Optimal Power-Delay Tradeoff in Edge Cloud Systems


SOURCE  IEEE ICC 2016, Kuala Lumpur, May. 23-27, 2016

Published Date:2016-05


Edge cloud is a promising architecture in order
to address the latency problem in mobile cloud computing.
However, as compared with remote clouds, edge clouds have
limited computational resources, and higher operating costs. In
this paper, we design policies which carry out the assignment
of tasks that are generated at the mobile subscribers with edge
clouds in an online fashion. The proposed policies achieve an
optimal power-delay trade-off in the system. Here, the delay
experienced by a mobile computing task includes the time spent
waiting for transmission to the edge cloud, and the execution
time at the edge cloud servers. We perform a theoretical analysis
after modeling the system as a continuous-time queueing system.
The contribution of this paper is two-fold: Firstly, the algorithm
to determine the optimal policy is obtained by proposing an
equivalent discrete-time Markov decision process. Secondly, an
easily implementable index policy is proposed by analyzing the
dual of the original problem. Extensive simulations illustrate the
effectiveness of the proposed policies.
Index Terms—mobile cloud computing, edge cloud, powerdelay
tradeoff, index policy.

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