A Cooperative Scheduling Scheme of Local Cloud and Internet Cloud for Delay-Aware Mobile Cloud Computing


SOURCE IEEE Globecom 2015, Dec. 6-10,2015

Published Date:2015-12


With the proliferation of mobile applications, Mobile
Cloud Computing (MCC) has been proposed to help mobile
devices save energy and improve computation performance. To
further improve the quality of service (QoS) of MCC, cloud
servers can be deployed locally so that the latency is decreased.
However, the computational resource of the local cloud is generally
limited. In this paper, we design a threshold-based policy
to improve the QoS of MCC by cooperation of the local cloud
and Internet cloud resources, which takes the advantages of low
latency of the local cloud and abundant computational resources
of the Internet cloud simultaneously. This policy also applies a
priority queue in terms of delay requirements of applications.
The optimal thresholds depending on the traffic load is obtained
via a proposed algorithm. Numerical results show that the QoS
can be greatly enhanced with the assistance of Internet cloud
when the local cloud is overloaded. Better QoS is achieved if the
local cloud orders tasks according to their delay requirements,
where delay-sensitive applications are executed ahead of delaytolerant
applications. Moreover, the optimal thresholds of the
policy have a sound impact on the QoS of the system.

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