Capacity Analysis of Uplink and Downlink in Multimedia DS-CDMA Systems Based On Constraint Models

Proc. IEEE ICC 2003, 11-15 May, 2003,Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Published Date:2003-05-11
Capacity analysis in wireless communication systems is essential for system design, call admission
control and radio resource allocation. Since CDMA is a kind of power-constrained or
interference-limited system, its system capacity is not so ``hard'' as in bandwidth-limited
systems, such as TDMA-based systems. In this paper, we analyze the uplink and downlink capacity of
multimedia DS-CDMA systems based on constraint models. System capacity is given by \emph{feasible
condition}, which is the sufficient and necessary condition of the existence of feasible solutions
to the constraint model. As a byproduct, we also deduct the optimum solution to uplink and downlink
transmit power minimization problem, which can be used as references for power control and radio
resource allocation multimedia DS-CDMA systems.
DS-CDMA, capacity, constraint model, feasible condition.

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