Impact of Platform Motion on Soft Handover in High Altitude Platform IMT-2000 System

The 57th IEEE Semiannual Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2003-Spring), 22-25th April 2003, Jeju, Korea.
Published Date:2003-04-22
In this paper, a platform motion model is proposed for simulations of high altitude platform station (HAPS) systems. Based on the model, the performance of the soft handover algorithm proposed for terrestrial UMTS is evaluated in a HAPS IMT-2000 system. The performance measures including quality of service and system overhead are discussed with different handover parameters. Through the comparison between the results in stationary and motional HAPS environments, the impact of platform motions on the soft handover in CDMA based HAPS systems is studied.
platform motion, handover, HAPS

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