A Delay NAK Retransmission Scheme Based on Channel State for Mobile Multimedia Communications

Proc. of IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2003-Spring), April 2003.
Published Date:2003-04-01
This paper suggests a novel delay NAK retransmission scheme for
ARQ protocol based on channel state for reliable data transmission
in the terrestrial mobile communication systems. The proposed
scheme is an improved version of the automatic repeat request
defined in the RLP layer of 3GPP2 \cite{3GPP2}. We analyze the
performance of the proposed scheme and some existent
retransmission schemes over a two-states Markov channel model with
the concept of matrix functions. The performance improvement of
the delay NAK retransmission scheme is also verified on computer
simulations. It shows that the drastic enhancement of the
transmission reliability and reduction of the power consumption at
the mobile host can be achieved at the cost of minor increase in

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