Energy-Efficient Antenna Selection and Power Allocation for Large-Scale Multiple Antenna Systems with Hybrid Energy Supply

Globecom 2014
Published Date:2014-12-8
The combination of energy harvesting and large-scale multiple antenna technologies provides a promising solution for improving the energy efficiency (EE) by exploiting renewable energy sources and reducing the transmission power per user and per antenna. However, the introduction of energy harvesting capabilities into the large-scale multiple antenna systems poses many new challenges for energy-efficient system design due to the intermittent characteristics of renewable energy sources and limited battery capacity. Furthermore, the total manufacture cost and the sum power of a large number of radio frequency (RF) chains can not be ignored, and it would be impractical to use all the antennas for transmission. In this paper, we propose an energy-efficient antenna selection and power allocation algorithm to maximize the EE subject to the constraint of user's quality of service (QoS). An iterative offline optimization algorithm is proposed to solve the non-convex EE optimization problem by exploiting the properties of nonlinear fractional programming. The relationships among maximum EE, selected antenna number, battery capacity, and EE-SE tradeoff are analyzed and verified through computer simulations.

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