Power Multiplexing Based Call Admission Control Scheme for Bursty Multimedia Traffic in Imperfect-Power-Controlled Cellular CDMA Networks

Proc. APCC2002, Sep. 2002
Published Date:2002-09-01
A CAC algorithms (PM-CAC) is proposed and analyzed for multimedia cellular CDMA networks with imperfect power control and statistical power multiplexing among bursty traffics. Based on ON-OFF traffic model and lognormal interference model, we derive the traffic's comprehensive outage probability, which is served as the metric of admission control. Two power allocation scheme, LOPA \cite{PIMRC95} and QOPA\cite{TRWC02}, are considered to study the performance of this CAC algorithms. By numerical examples, we verify the great capacity gains achieved by statistical power multiplexing and show that PM-CAC+QOPA provides superior system resource utilization to PM-CAC+LOPA in terms of lower call blocking probability and higher system throughput.
CAC, multimedia CDMA, imperfect power control

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