Adaptive Multipath Fading Prediction on Raileigh Channels

Proc. IEEE ICCCAS, pp.267-271, July 2002, China.
Published Date:2002-07-01
In mobile radio, Rayleigh fading poses the main threat to accurate data transmission. To solve this problem, an adaptive prediction algorithm of the Rayleigh fading channel is investigated here. We implement the adaptive method based on an autoregressive model of the past fading measurements in the sense of LMSE and predict the future fading multiplicative gain ahead. To mitigate the influence of the noise interference and the disturbance of the non-stationary environment factors, the combination of a pre-filter and a γ-LMS prediction error filter is used. Lastly we give the performance evaluation and the parameters analysis for the prediction algorithm based on simulations. It shows that the prediction scheme has the great tracking capability in both slow and fast fading situations.
fading prediction, Rayleigh channel, wireless

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