Power Control Policies for a Wireless Link with Energy Harvesting Transmitter and Receiver

WiOpt 2014
Published Date:2014-05-12
This paper addresses the outage minimization problem for a wireless link where both the transmitter and the receiver are powered by harvested energy, and the energy arrival processes of both nodes are correlated. We propose three power control policies to minimize the outage probability, including threshold-based On-Off policy, joint scheduling policy, and linear power levels policy. With infinite battery capacity, we analyze the optimality of the thresholds with different correlations between energy arrivals at the transmitter and the receiver. With finite battery capacity, we use finite state
Markov chain (FSMC) to obtain the optimality of our policies and also numerically evaluate their performance. The optimal thresholds for minimum outages are derived according to the average energy arrival rate and the system parameters. The numerical results show the performance gains using different
policies, as well as the tradeoff between the minimum outage probabilities and the average transmission times.

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