A Broadband Mobile Multimedia Access System based on the High Altitude Stratospheric Platforms

in Proc. Future Telecommunications Conference 2001, pp. 16-21, Nov. 2001.
Published Date:2001-11-29
To provide higher data rate and QoS guarantee to mobile multimedia users, we propose an ATM-based broadband mobile access system based on the High Altitude Stratospheric Platforms (HAPS). In order to show the feasibility and investigate the key issues of such a system, we have also developed a demonstration system based on a 15m X 4.3m remote-controlled airship. By installing a remote-controlled video camera, a wireless HUB, and a transmitter of digital TV in this airship, we demonstrate a broadband integrated information system which includes (1) remote sensing of the ground, (2) broadband wireless Internet access, and (3) mobile multimedia communication with QoS control. Throughout the demonstration, we mainly investigated the performance improvement by two ATM-based scheduling schemes POSTMAN and MT-WFQS.
Wireless ATM, HAPS, mobile multimedia, QoS

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