An Adaptive Hybrid ARQ for Efficiency-Reliability Tradeoff in Noisy Long Delay Networks

Proc. APCC'2001, Sept. 2001, Tokyo, Japan.
Published Date:2001-09-16
In this paper, we study the efficiency-reliability tradeoff issue of hybrid ARQ (HARQ) scheme in noisy long delay network such as satellite-terrestrial hybrid network, where both long wireless round trip time and time-varying error characteristics have to be considered. A new adaptive HARQ scheme is proposed to acquire efficiency-reliability joint optimization. By adjusting coding rate according to estimation of average transmission number for a successful transfer, our proposal can limit retransmission times with less efficiency loss. As a result, the persistence time of a packet in buffer led by retransmission is strictly limited and buffer utilization increases. Simulation shows the great performance improvement by using our proposed adaptive HARQ scheme.
hybrid ARQ, network, QoS

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