Energy Saving in Cellular Networks by Dynamic RS-BS Association and BS Switching

IEEE Trans. Vehicular Tech, Nov. 2013
Published Date:2013-11-01
In this paper, we propose a dynamic scheme that reduces energy consumption in relay-assisted cellular networks by switching lightly-loaded base stations (BSs) into sleeping mode and transferring traffic load in these cells to neighboring cells using dynamic relay station (RS)-BS associations. We first investigate how to determine the RS-BS associations to guarantee the coverage when the BSs’ modes are given. The problem is modeled as a generalized assignment problem that is NPhard, and a heuristic algorithm is then proposed. Based on the proposed RS-BS association algorithm, a tabu search approach, which searches to find the BSs’ modes combination, is presented. Simulation results show that, our proposed scheme makes the active BSs set dynamically change as the traffic load varies, and in the given scenario, the energy consumption of BSs can be reduced by nearly 40% when the traffic load is low.

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