Optimal Power Allocation for Energy Harvesting and Power Grid Coexisting Wireless Communication Systems

IEEE Trans. Communications, Jul. 2013
Published Date:2013-07-01
This paper considers the power allocation of a single-link wireless communication with joint energy harvesting and grid power supply. We formulate the problem as minimizing the grid power consumption with random energy and data arrival in fading channel, and analyze the structure of the optimal power
allocation policy in some special cases. For the case that all the packets are arrived before transmission, it is a dual problem of throughput maximization, and the optimal solution is found by the two-stage water filling (WF) policy, which allocates the harvested energy in the first stage, and then allocates the power grid energy in the second stage. For the random data arrival case, we first assume grid energy or harvested energy supply only, and then combine the results to obtain the optimal structure of the coexisting system. Specifically, the reverse multi-stage WF policy is proposed to achieve the optimal power allocation when the battery capacity is infinite. Finally, some heuristic online schemes are proposed, of which the performance is evaluated by numerical simulations.

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