A Modified TCP-NewReno in A LAN/WAN with A Lossy Link

Proc. APCC 1999
Published Date:1999-10-01
In this paper, we propose a modified TCP-NewReno in LAN/WAN with a lossy link such as wireless network and ATM network, where packet loss occurs because of unreliable data link layer or imperfect physical transport layer. Much research has show that the scheme of TCP-NewReno or the scheme of reducing fast-retransmit threshold can effectively improve the TCP performance in lossy networks. However, through simulation, we show that these two schemes do not consider some unfavorable factors such as out of order packets delivery and retransmission losses. Through simulation and analysis, we give some changes to TCP-NewReno. Simulation results show that our change works well for both LAN connections and WAN connections
TCP/IP, wireless networks, transport protocol, Internet.

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