Research Areas

Green: Globally Resource-optimized and Energy-Efficient Network
With the explosive increase of the volume of data traffic, the contribution of wireless networks to the global carbon footprint is forecast to increase exponentially. Hence, the design and optimization of the wireless networks should be aimed of not only spectrum-efficiency, but also energy-efficiency. We exploit the ways to improve the wireless transmission energy-efficiency to achieve green communications. The research topics includes:
- Energy-delay tradeoff analysis
- Resource allocation with energy harvesting


TANGO: Traffic-Aware Network planning and Green Operation
From the network point of view, the traffic fluctuate in both time and space domains, which provides opportunities to reduce network consumptions. On the one hand, the network planning should shift from peak-traffic oriented to dynamic-traffic oriented. On the other hand, the network operation should try to match the energy utilization with the traffic dynamics. The research topics includes:
- Spatial-temporal traffic modeling of cellular networks
- Network planning and traffic offloading in heterogeneous networks

CHORUS: Collaborative Harmonized Open Radio Ubiquitous System
Wireless resource virtualization and harmonious collaboration control are applied to optimize the global performance. To support large-scale collaboration, cognitive synergy is exploited to collect the status of multiple radios and layers, namely the network state information. The collaboration maybe among multiple base stations (BSs), between BSs and relays, and among heterogeneous networks. The research topics includes:
- Channel state acquisition of massive MIMO systems
- Cooperative base station sleeping and cell-zooming technology


CONCERT: CONvergence of Cloud and cEllulaR sysTems
Cellular networks are one of the corner stones of our information-driven society. However, existing cellular systems have been seriously challenged by the explosion of mobile data traffic, the emergence of machine-type communications and the flourish of mobile Internet services. We study a converged edge infrastructure combining cloud and cellular concepts for future cellular communications and mobile computing services. The research topics includes:
- Architecture design and resource management of cloud based RAN
- Testbed design for decoupling of data/control plane based on USRP


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